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Why Red Tazz Energy Drink?

  For many years (too many to list), our founders have been drinking different brands of energy drinks, in many different countries around our beautiful planet. In our opinion, most energy drinks that have a combination of caffeine, taurine and a B-vitamin complex, will actually make you feel more energetic and more up to our daily physical and mental tasks. The only setback, pricing and quality. If we chose good quality energy drinks, the prices were a bit sour. If we chose lower quality energy drinks, with lower prices, we did not care much for the taste nor were we happy with the levels of caffeine, taurine and B-Vitamins.


  We decided to launch a new but very high quality energy drink to give consumers what we had always been looking for... quality, taste and a better price. Many new energy drinks on the market today are too far off the "classic energy drink" taste and formula, they are a nightmare of lower quality ingredients and only offer flavors that should be in a child's Halloween bag. Too sweet, too many added colors and just plain candy-like flavors, not what most of us prefer. Red Tazz will be enjoyed as a classic energy drink, not a carnival of flavors and added colors.

Simple fact

  Most people are not looking for an energy drink that has more liquid in it than most can handle, desire to consume, or carry, as a matter of fact. Our slim 8.4 fl oz cans will satisfy most people and will deliver the perfect amount of caffeine, taurine and B vitamins. Classic or Zero Sugar, Red Tazz's slim cans will make you less full of water and more full of energy!


 Red Tazz Energy Drink Classic and Zero Sugar are both Vegan Certified and their ingredients will deliver great taste to the most critical and particular consumer... you! Pop open a can of Red Tazz and enjoy your day, night or anywhere in between.

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